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Post by Alice on Fri Mar 13, 2009 8:27 pm

Alright, so. Hmm. how to start this, well I'll start with my name.
I'm kassie,L,wren,Kassandra,kiggers, many many names, and other that I go by.
I'm 13, but I'm often mistaken for being 15, I'm very mature, and no not in a perverted way.
UH, well I suppose I could tell you my past from the third grade, claw your eyes out now if you don't want to read and ooberly depressing story.

So from thrid grade and until now I have/had nice teachers and a good education.Well here the bad part, I was constantly picked on, horibblly. It never stopped. I managed to shyly ask out a guy I had a crush on and was teased relentlessly because of that, even the disabled kid was treated better, she had friends, I had one. It was cruel, and made me into A quiet sixth grader, who was noisy around friends. Well the bulling didn't stopped, I asked someone else out and was verbally abused a couple of days later, teased and tauted to where I was crying.I eventually stared to cut. Now then, what has happened to these people who have teased and bullied me? nothing, I've reported everything. Its no wounder why I dread scool every day.

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