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Shelly Logan-Price

Post by Shelly on Sun Nov 02, 2008 7:01 pm


Full Name: Sheldon "Shelly" Logan-Price

Gender: Male

Birth Date: November 5th, 1995

Eye Color: Yellow

Hair Color: Black

Height: 5'6

About His/Her Family: Shelly's parents both died of natural causes when he was younger, and he doesn't remember them. He lives with his Aunt Maurice (unfortunate names run in the family) who treats him like crap and his Uncle Leonard who's old and senile.


- Behavior in group settings: He's a wallflower and a corner child, so he's not likely to be very involved in group settings.
- Introverted.
- Can be outgoing or conservative. Sometime he loves to talk to people, other times he's quiet.
- Problem solving strategies: Considering his mental state, he's not great at solving practical problems. He has a very unconventional way of doing things.
- Follower.
- Careless.
- He's apathetic about most things, but he's very passionate about the things he's interested in.
- He's really good at math.
- When he works best fluctuates. Could be three in the morning, could be noon.
- Other people see him as crazy, mostly because he kind of is.
- Optimistic when his imaginary daemon tells him something good is gonna happen, pessimistic otherwise.
- One or two friends.
- With his family he's very withdrawn and unresponsive. With strangers he's more talkative and outgoing. He's never by himself because he has daemon(s).
- Hierarchical. Does what he's told.
- Passive aggressive.
- Talkative or quiet, depending on who he's with/what mood he's in.
- Not territorial.
- Flexible.
- Dependent
- He's slightly psychotic and is prone to delusions and sometimes hallucinations, usually in the form of his imaginary second daemon.

Any Thing Else About Your Character We Might Need To Know:[background, ethnicity, etc.] He's got some sort of psychosis which causes him to have hallucinations and delusions frequently. He thinks he has two daemons, one of which (the imaginary one) can see the future and knows everything, so he listens to everything it says.


Full Name: Castor

Settled Or Not: Not

Gender: Male

Eye Color: Purple

(Note: The imaginary daemon's name is Pollux, he is male and unsettled and has silver eyes.)

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