Just your Average Clio (Who likes to steal things)

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Just your Average Clio (Who likes to steal things)

Post by Emmanuelle Fris-Petitt on Mon Sep 14, 2009 4:58 pm

Full Name:Emmanuelle Fris-Petitt


Birth Date:Feburary 21, 1987

Eye Color:Blue ish Grey

Hair Color:Black


About His/Her Family:She's a orphan.She had a mother that was a sad prostitute and a father she never met.

Personality:- Behavior in group settings : She is a woman of many faces. She pretends to be shy and quiet, loud and obnoxious, angry and misunderstood, happy and carefree depending on what fits the groups mood. I guess you could say she is insidiously ambidexterous.( A sly two face :] )
- Extroverted/introverted: Introverted she keeps to herself so she doesn't reveal the truth that shes a theif.
- Outgoing/conservative :Outgoing as she can possibly be to pick your pocket and climb the social ladder.
- Problem solving strategies: People think she makes it up as she goes. Really she has everything planend out to a T.
- Leader/follower: She is of course a leader.She leades only herself.
- Fastidious/careless: She's actually quite meticulous and high strung, everything has to go according to plan.
- Passionate/apathetic: She is very passionate she hides it very deep down behind all the masks of personalities she hides behind and all the dark things that happened in her past.She pretends to be apatheitc so she doesn't let her feelings get in the way of what she wants.
- Any particular affinities She's very pliable.She can bend every which way and is very good at gymnastics.She ice skates very well but its a hidden passion :]
- When you work best: Early morning and late at night.
- How other people see you: I suppose other people can't see what she is. She is very mysterious and unpredictable so maybe a bit of a loner.
- Optimistic or pessimistic: Neither shes just has a god-like arrogance about herself that she'll do most things right.Also she just goes with the flow if things don't go her way.
- About your friends : Well she would say she doesn't have any friends but, because she is sly and has many guises I would say that she makes them think shes their friend. Really they 're a stepping stone up the social ladder.
- How you act :Alone she acts like her true self, sarcastic brazen and very lonely and self loathing of herself. With others she is unpredictable.
- Hierarchical or not : Yes she is
- Aggressive/Passive aggressive: Aggressive
- Talkative/Quiet: A talkative little silver tongue
- Territorial or not: No she moves along when she wishes.
- Flexible/Stubborn: So stubborn about her feelings
- Independent/Dependent: Independent
- Any other quirks that people tend to remember about you: That she is very witty and she has a dimple up on her cheek when she smiles.She's street smart.

Any Thing Else About Your Character We Might Need To Know:Emmanuelle grew up in poverty of the streets of Earalas. She was alone ever since she was fourteen when her mother killed herself. Her father was the type to get-up-and-leave-and-never-come-back.One thing she learned was that she never wanted to wander the streets alone at night cold and unwanted.She wanted a opulent plentiful life in happiness.So she was determined to become a woman of high status and success. Along the way she forgot about being happy and only becoming rich and powerful. She was so robbed of love that she never knew how to love.She has become a woman thats scared and hostile, that beleives that hurting people along the way of her road to success won't effect her.


Full Name:Aztul

Settled Or Not:Settled


Eye Color:Grey

Emmanuelle Fris-Petitt

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Eilemaiden: Ughdarras
Dæmon's Name: Aztul

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