How does one make an intro intresting?

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How does one make an intro intresting?

Post by Emmanuelle Fris-Petitt on Mon Sep 14, 2009 4:22 pm

Hellos !!
Mah character is Emmanuelle

Who cares about her -throws a grey blob of what will be emmanuelle-

Im Rose!

Ive been roleplaying for a year I beleive because literature has frankly gotten quite boring -shrugs- In my opinon anyways
Random Fact:
I like all sorts of candy and shoes

Sarcasm is my native language and I like to write

that sums it all up I think >_>

Lovely to meet you Ill enjoy roleplaying with you too

Emmanuelle Fris-Petitt

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Re: How does one make an intro intresting?

Post by Alecis on Tue Sep 15, 2009 12:24 pm

Welcome to the forum, Rose. Please hop on over to your Q&A post for some helpful information.

I hope to talk to you soon! :3

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