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Full Name: Gabriel Crane

Gender: male

Birth Date: September 30th 1985

Eye Colour: green

Hair Colour: black

Height: 6’2

About His/Her Family: father died of old age three years ago. Mother still alive. Gabriel left home at 16 but still goes to visit his mother regularly

Personality: - Can work very well in group settings. While not particularly friendly, he can work in large groups of people very well
- In general, extroverted
- Outgoing
- When confronted with a problem, he tends to rush through it. He will obey his instincts instead of thinking through each part
- Leader
- Generally careless
- quite passionate about… life in general
- no affinities worth mentioning
- works best in the evening and early morning
- not exactly popular but not ignored either
- pessimistic
- has a large group of friends but only one or two very close friends
- When alone, he tends to talk to himself just to hear a sound. When with his friends, he is quite open and friendly. When with strangers, he isn’t exactly friendly but he is polite enough
- very hierarchical
- tends to be more aggressive
- not particularly talkative. Prefers to listen to other people talk
- very territorial
- usually flexible. Can adapt to new situations very well
- very independent but he doesn’t mind depending on others sometimes
- No other quirks worth mentioning

Any Thing Else About Your Character We Might Need To Know:[background, ethnicity, etc.]


Full Name: Pelagia

Settled Or Not: settled

Gender: female

Eye Colour: brown with flecks of green

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Re: Gabriel

Post by Alecis on Wed Mar 25, 2009 6:51 am


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