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Full Name: Ranuki Kinrivet

Gender: Female

Birth Date: May 16, 1983

Eye Color: Violet, indigo tinge to her outer iris

Hair Color: Ash gray, silky. Mid back length when up in a high pony tail (Preferred way to wear it.), long bangs which are chin length. Her hair is around waist length when down.

Height: 5'11

About Her Family: She has a father and a brother, her mother having died giving birth to Ranuki. Her mother and father were both Aite Eilemaiden. Her father wasn't particularly caring and blames Ranuki for her mother's death. She and her father don't have a close relationship, and she became a Deilig Eilemaiden to spite her father. It's also a reflection of her childhood. Ranuki ran away after a final straw and has no knowledge of what has happened to her brother or even what Eilemaiden he is. She moved around a bit before settling. She changed her last name to her mother's maiden name, Kinrivet. Her original last name was Lafriet.

-She prefers not to interact with too large of a group and prefers to just stay quiet and observe. She misses almost nothing in her observations
-Introverted, philosophical
-Conservative, she'll actually open her mouth and talk if she likes you. Or you bug her enough
-She'll try the most unexpected, sometimes logical method first before moving on to more mundane approaches to problem solving
-A leader, unless she sees profit in letting someone else lead
-Fastidious in appearance and how she presents herself, but her living quarters are a disaster; only she can make sense of the disorganization
-Mostly apathetic, but will become passionate in defense of a friend or someone she cares for. Also about nature, which she loves and finds relaxing
-She's rather dark, so she'll tend to avoid things that are overly cheerful and fuzzy. Like bubbly people. She can't make heads or tails of them. Likes more refined animals, leopards or hawks for example. She also doesn't like braggarts and bullies
-Evening! Most definitely a night owl. Very groggy in the mornings, thats when she'll be the least guarded
-Not exactly popular nor un-popular. She's hard to get to know but is usually well-liked once she lets someone in
-Optimistic, at least to herself. To the public she seems more pessimistic
-Just a few close friends. Some are surprisingly cheerful. She's so confused by them...
-Much more relaxed by herself or with someone she feels she can or does trust. Dry sense of humor and will say something that is slightly humorous. Appreciates good humor, even if she doesn't usually give it. Otherwise she's guarded, cool and efficient
-She believes anyone can be anything and they should work for it or if they deserve it. She doesn't like it when people get things because of connections
-Passive aggressive, very subtle
-Quiet, subtle
-Somewhat territorial, but it depends on what. She's very careful with her friends and her home. Hardly anyone even knows WHERE she lives
-Stubborn, normally. If she can be convinced its for the greater good, she'll be flexible
-Extremely independent

Quirks: Slow but deadly temper watch out for it. She likes revenge served cold, after she's plotted and thought of every possibility. She'll only retaliate immediately if she's overly provoked. If she must fight, she like to use deception and sniper methods. Rather assassin-like.

Superstitious. You name it, she'll believe it to an extent. Thats one not well known thing. If you do it right, you can manipulate her.

If something has to get done, she'll do it, even if she doesn't want to. When it comes to some things.


Full Name: Indary

Settled Or Not: Settled

Gender: Male

Eye Color: Spring green

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Re: Ranuki

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Re: Ranuki

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Re: Ranuki

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