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THANK YOU /spazz

Post by Lyrical on Mon Feb 23, 2009 8:48 pm


Full Name: Lyrical Abigailie [[+Ruhi and Narthur]]

Gender: Two thirds female, one third male.

Birth Date: No one knows. She's around the age of seventeen.

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Blonde-ish

Height: 5'6"

About His/Her Family: Lyrical's past is unknown to her, just as most people's that share her disease. What ever trauma that caused her to bring out Arthur and Ruhi also pushed her memories of that trauma somewhere deep inside her. One of Lyric's main goals in life is to unlock her own life's story. The very first memory that any of her personalities remember is one of Ruhi's mindset. Walking alone in the mountains, snow up to her thighs and no idea how she got there. The three are almost certain that Lyric is their main personality though they are not sure how they know this, especially since Ruhi is the oldest in their minds. After hours of walking in the frosty cold Ruhi finally found a small house over the hills, smoke rising into the freezing night air. She made her way in, before collapsing in front of the small hut. The woman who lived there, Veronika, took her in and decided to care for her. This is where the trio grew up, in the small cottage of Veronika. When they arrived in the village it was estimated that they were around the age of seven, they called this place home for a little over five years. It was then that their foster mother caught a strange illness. She refused to have a doctor examine her, for she was one of the nomadic Eilemaiden cast-offs. She died soon after, leaving the three alone in the wild.

Personality: Lyrical suffers from multiple personality disorder, though she may fight with you over the "suffers" part of that sentence. In fact, though she has no control over who her body decides to be at any given moment, she loves each part of herself. Lyrical has 3 separate personalities, 4 if you count Noah, but we'll get to him later. =]
Lyrical: Also know as Lyric, or Lyr, [pronounced leer], she is the female original personality. She is bubbly, the friendliest out of the three. Very outgoing and not shy at all. She makes friends easily, at least the ones not scared off by her open-ness.
Ruhi: Personality numer zwei. The most sensible, she thinks things through carefully, and doesn't trust easily. She prefers no change, keeping the same friends, and would rather read a book than going out doing things. She's very shy and doesn't like being in large crowds. Unlike Lyric and Narthur she is introverted, keeping to herself.
Narthur: The only male personality. He enjoys pina coladas, and getting caught in the rain... xD He is most like Lyric, very outgoing and friendly. He is dreadfully honest and doesn't tell lies, even if they might hurt the person he tells the truth to. He has ticks, and he screams random things at random times. Although unlike most people with this disease, he doesn't scream insults, instead he screams "Thank you!" This tends to get a little annoying, but the trio's true friends don't care much.


Full Name: Noah

Settled Or Not: Settled [yet still a pretty big changeling...]

Gender: Male

Eye Color: Topaz

To be perfectly honest, I don't feel like typing out three separate CD's for one character.

Also-- I looked up MPD on TDF and I've been informed that people suffering from this disease will have that many settled dæmons. So, Noah, even though he is settled, might have three different forms.

So, yeah. Just so you don't think I'm being spazzy or whatever. =]


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Re: THANK YOU /spazz

Post by Alecis on Mon Feb 23, 2009 9:03 pm




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