The other half of evil.

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The other half of evil.

Post by ╔esabelle on Sun Feb 22, 2009 8:09 pm


Full Name: Eesabelle Hysinth Haswell

Gender: Female

Birth Date: April 4, 1959.

Eye Color: Gray

Hair Color: That nasty old lady purple color.

Height: 5'6

About His/Her Family: She has an evil husband who is about to die. And a crazy son that she tortured.


-Imposing; regal in appearance and dignified in manner
-Highly respected and set apart
-Honorable, spirited, and dashing
-Embodiment of grace and power
-Impressive to behold - if not in sight than through your actions
-Far nobler in every way than some who hog the limelight; not everyone is familiar with you, but when they meet you a strong impression is made
-People amazed at the difference in maturity compared to your younger self
-Have immense influence in your circle thanks to active participation
-Some might have the erroneous notion that you do more harm than good
-You show your joy vocally and in action more than through affectionate touches
-Engage in much nuptial play; your significant other will never be want of attention
-Immediately seek a new companion if your previous relationship falls through; hate the idea of going on solo
-Want to have a clear, unbiased view of all that goes on around you; ignorance is not bliss
-May leave in silence when people expect to see your wrath
-Try to not be dead-set on a conclusion and will have alternatives lined up
-Your beliefs are coherent and firmly in place
-Start out rather small, but over time your endeavors become bulky with excess; sometimes you overdo it
-Will take pains to go the extra mile if the benefit outweighs the burden
-Not known to be underhanded, but on rare occasions it happens; you'll fight to defend your earnings
-Work at a pretty fast pace, especially if you're familiar with the task
-Seldom seen because you lay low; try to be unobtrusive
-Like to start fresh and get bored with routine
-Build on what you have rather than branching out
-Considering the amount of effort you put into things, multi-tasking overburdens you; would rather focus on one or two priorities; take on too much and one is doomed to failure
-Don't interfere with your mate's duties, but assist how you can
-Easily spooked when focused on something; highly resent interference
-Will desert something in the early stages, but never when you're too involved - although curiously you may seem indifferent to the outcome
-Sometimes express your disfavor in drastic ways
-Will put aside empathy and turn vicious when you find it necessary; sometimes your own skin comes before the welfare of others
-Prefer what's already yours and what you yourself have earned; have few issues with jealousy
-Use feint tactics to get your target off guard
-Remain in the vicinity of your hometown for a long time; wouldn't want to be in unfamiliar territory when just starting out; could also be that you cling to old ideas because you're afraid of all the changes that come with a new outlook
-Take longer than most to perfect a skill, but when you do, it surpasses the competition
-Would handle your pupils roughly, but you only mean to help them gain confidence, e.g. you're the type to push your kid into the pool
-You can best most people in a conflict, and you show great courage in confronting formidable opponents, many of which are capable of doing severe harm despite your bravery; you are not easily intimidated
-Stories of your heroics don't need to be fabricated
-Willing to wait patiently for the right opportunity to strike, then when a favorable chance has arrived you move in, until with meteoric rush you suddenly go for the goal
-When you fail at something you tend to move in a slow, reluctant manner, unable to hide your disappointment
-Swift in action, without seeming to exert yourself
-You are a very dangerous person, and a powerful influence for either good or evil according to the circumstances
-Keep others in check if you feel they're going too far
-No matter how proficient someone is, you could take them in a fair fight (so long as it's within the realm of possibility)
-Sometimes you dive into something with such vigor, spectators are sure you'll be dashed to pieces, but you manage to come out of it unscathed
-Make a big show when you know you can flaunt your talents, only ending when you've exhausted your repertoire
-Can be distant to the point where it's as though you're not even there physically; people are at a loss as to how to reach you
-Amuse yourself by freaking out other people; love those "What the hell" moments
-Because you're so fierce, people assume things that are entirely erroneous - for example, it's only on very rare occasions that you've been bold enough to threaten or mess with something foreign to you
-Affection does not motivate you to bravery, but your own separate impulses make you bold and even savage
-Even when at an apparent disadvantage you will not choose to back down; it can even increase your determination
-Regard strangers with a reserved indifference
-Mainly silent; you leave a place in silence and don't speak without something to say; plenty of observers will never hear your voice
-If there's nothing you can do in a given situation, you'll lurk anxiously and give vent to your concerns to everyone within earshot
-Some say, when you try to intimidate vocally, it's rather pathetic and quite inadequate; eloquent you are not
-Dislike persons lacking in passion or cordialness
-A homebody who tends to stick to your residence
-Not much of a procrastinator; when you mean to do something you finish it right away


Full Name: Perry

Gender: Male

Settled or not: Settled.

Eye Color: Flame Red

copied from Kris' amazing golden eagle analysis


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