What do you mean, too many characters?

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What do you mean, too many characters?

Post by Szilvi on Sat Feb 21, 2009 11:27 am


Full Name: Szilvi (Pronounced "Sil-vee") Anne Dorsett

Gender: Female

Birth Date: August 9th, 1986

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Strawberry blonde

Height: 5'6

About His/Her Family: She comes from a long line of doctors, and she herself is practiced in the medicinal arts. She has a loving father who she visits regularly, but her mom left when she was leetle.


-You're freaking adorable. ...okay you don't have to be, but it couldn't hurt.
-Probably have a singular distinct feature that anyone who even glances at you is aware of; people will say "hey, you know that person with/who does/is like ____" and everyone in the room will go "oh yeeeeah".
-It is possible that people tend to label you fairly obviously; at a glance they focus on the shallow and rather apparent features you possess.
-Easy to like, with a gently curious nature.
-Described as “graceful, friendly, and playful”.
-Hierarchal, and probably value age and experience most when it comes to arranging your ladder.
-Express either definably dominant (female) or submissive (male) traits.
-Tactile to the point of expressing a lot of your affection physically.
-Indeed, physical contact with others is both important and soothing for you.
-You prefer smaller groups to massive crowds, a few close friends rather than a swarm of acquaintances.
-Like a measure of alone time, though you don't like to be entirely separated from those you care for; just a little distance now and then.
-Territorial, and tend to keep a sharp eye on what you consider yours.
-Pretty darn clear about where you stand, particularly when it comes to the aforementioned territory, and you make sure others know too.
-Can become quite fierce when your personal boundaries have been broached.
-Though not one to seek serious injury, you're capable of dealing more damage than would be suspected.
-A little bit of a restless individual, easily becoming disinterested with the same old same old.
-Don’t do well with boredom; will actively seek out entertainment if none is being provided.
-Sometimes described as nervous in your actions, and you’re probably prone to anxieties, being a bit of a worrier.
-Love positive attention, and will often go out of your way to encourage it; a bit of an attention-whore.
-Have frequently found yourself to be the butt of an ongoing joke, and might be uncertain as to how you feel about this.
-Although you’re not supremely picky, you’re not all that adaptable either.
-This has caused you problems in a world so rife with change.
-Don’t like to venture out of your comfort zone much.
-Likely have a bit of a detached air, a certain aloofness; you’re friendly, but you’re not particularly open.
-Most probably wouldn’t describe you as grounded; you have your own world and you exist there pretty solidly.
-Will bounce back easily from what, to others, might seem to be a nasty fall.
-More than willing to listen to and heed other’s words; you won’t brush people off just because they’re not a personal friend.

-Copied from TDF-

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Re: What do you mean, too many characters?

Post by Quinn on Sat Feb 21, 2009 11:31 am


.My love will burn.And my heart will stay.

.Think of me.Think of me fondly.
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