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Post by Jack on Sun Jul 20, 2008 10:51 pm


Full Name:Jack (Last name Unknown)


Birth Date:December 18 1991

Eye Color:Blood Red

Hair Color:Black

Height:5' 11"

About His Family:
Jack knows nothing about his family nor dose he care.
He was raised by Monks.

Jack is Very Reclusive, Quiet and prefers to stay out of large crowds.
He hates anybody who acts like they are better then everybody else.
Jack is a natural survivor and has the ability to live and Hunt on his own.
His greatest ability is His ability to Learn almost instantaneously.
Given the choice Jack will chose Poverty and Freedom over Riches and responsibility.
Jacks only fighting skills are a mastery of close quarters combat, The ability to Control water, And Unmatched skill with the Bow.
He is slow to trust but a valuable ally to have in a fight.


Full Name:Hexmark

Settled Or Not:Not


Eye Color: Orange

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