ready to bring the house down, rylan?

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ready to bring the house down, rylan?

Post by Rylan on Thu Feb 19, 2009 2:56 pm


Full Name: Rylan Marvolo Cicci.

Gender: Male.

Birth Date: July 10th, 1989.

Eye Color: Blue.

Hair Color: Very dirty blonde. Might as well be brown.

Height: 5'11''.

About His/Her Family: Not too much to say. His younger sister moved out before she settled and ended up settling in Dian. They talk every now and then. He has a much better relationship with their parents than Luca does, and he likes it that way. He's sort of a momma's boy. x3 But he can't help it.

-Wary of the unknown, but don't mind taking a risk

-Not a fan of new technology

-Rarely come down to the level of others; very opinionated and confident in your beliefs

-Enjoy remote, undisturbed areas to the city life

-More flexible than most

-Highly social. Usually in a group of four, though you're part of a loosely associated group of about thirty. These groups constantly change as people come and go in your life. Don't mind being independent of them either.

-Always seem to have a course of action planned in advance: one that is highly economical and will differ greatly from day to day. Still some would get the impression that you always do things the same. (female monkey)

-Not able to plan varied and economic solutions to problems (male monkey)

-Your room is everything you need in one! You're the type who would consider having a mini-fridge in your closet

-Get loud and gesture wildly when annoyed

-Prefer retreat, so fights are rare

-Were a "momma's boy"

-Would probably be a very attentive parent and always want your little one near you

-Love fruit

-Can eat large quantities over a relatively short period; picky

-Leader figure (female monkey)

-What you see is what you get; you don't hide your true self behind a mask; make your intentions clear

-Absorb things quickly; bright

-When in charge you have the mind-set to tend to everyone, not be tended to; do not want special privileges

-Stronger than you look

-Characterized by your long slender limbs

-Get necessary tasks done early, even in the mornings.

-Have a 'worried face'

-Have a mind of your own

-Skittish around certain people, but can demonstrate moments of bravery and clever thinking to discourage them.

-Have friends that go way back (male monkey)

-Never have to go without

-Don't do things according to a regular schedule

-Hate being alone

-In your group of companions there's noticeably more of one sex

-Not a devoted person

-Mediator; able to cooperate

-Do not typically show much aggression

-There are clearly people you look up to and those you look down on

-Happy with where you are


Any Thing Else About Your Character We Might Need To Know: He's the new Adhbhar Overloridian. :]


Full Name: Sylis.

Settled Or Not: -thumbs up- Spider monkey.

Gender: Female.

Eye Color: Brown.

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