i'm nothing like my brother.

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i'm nothing like my brother.

Post by Roburt on Wed Feb 18, 2009 6:17 pm


Full Name: Roburt Bradley

Gender: Male

Birth Date: June 1st, 1987

Eye Color: Dark brown

Hair Color: Blond

Height: 6'

About His/Her Family: Has a pair of weirdo rents, and a firecrotch twin brother who looks nothing like him.


Full Name: Juno

Settled Or Not: Settled (Dian)

Gender: Female

Eye Color: Some dark color

- Roburt is pretty calm in group settings. He's easygoing and can get along well with others.
- Introverted, Roburt doesn't like share his feelings and thoughts with most clio.
- Pretty outgoing.
- Roburt usually sits back and let's the problem solve itself.
- Roburt is too lazy to be a leader, so he's mostly a follower. But most of the time, he's neither, he is his own person.
- Careless.
- Mostly passionate for random things.
- Particular affinities: None.
- Roburt works best whenever, but mostly in the evening.
- Other clio see Roburt as a lazy bum, but for some reason, they think he's cool.
- Mostly optimistic but can be pessimistic. Depends on his mood.
- Large group of acquaintances.
- Acts the same everywhere, but he does try to show off when he meets a stranger, usually a girl.
- Not hierarchical. He just doesn't care.
- Passive aggressive.
- Roburt can be talktive and quiet, during a whole entire conversation.
- Not territorial.
- Stubborn.
- Roburt is very independent but he takes advantage of anybodies hospitality and he'll let them care for him. That usually means Edwurd.

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Character : He's kind of charming, if you like annoying, lazy bums who can't take no for an answer.
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Dæmon's Name: Juno

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Re: i'm nothing like my brother.

Post by Rowan on Wed Feb 18, 2009 6:39 pm


Rowan EligiusNym-Shahrivar

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