Guess whhhhaaaaat??

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Guess whhhhaaaaat??

Post by Ria on Sat Feb 14, 2009 7:17 pm


Sam is finally feeling better. =D
I actually had to go to the emergency room on like Friday which totally sucked.


Sam got accepted to Bowling Green. Very Happy
Which even though I was almost positive I would, it still made me really happy getting the letter.


The kittens are soooo big.
It's weird 'cuz they're only a few days old, but they're so much more healthy than the last litter. Fatmir already has his eyes open which is incredible.

Oh yeah, unless you're Brenna or Sharn, I guess you didn't know that the new litter of kittens are here. February ninth is their birthday. When us three and Molly got home we had a rescue mission and found three healthy kittens and one that was already dead. What I think Brenna and Shannon don't know is that later that night--hours later-- when Bonnie went up to go to sleep, she heard more meowing. That's right, a surprise fourth kitten was upstairs, hiding. Weird but amazing, considering that it was still alive. The poor thing was really hungry but now he's the fattest one! He's named Fatmir which means lucky in some strange language and is the only one with his eyes open. =D

And fourthly~

For Valentines day, Adam got me this really pretty ring from Kay Jewelers. I loves it. <3

So yeah, I've had a pretty awesome weekend, even if I was sick and in pain for the most of it. xD

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Re: Guess whhhhaaaaat??

Post by Saige on Tue Feb 17, 2009 7:55 pm

this is an obvious late reply.
but i didn't know you went to the farm room.
what happened?

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Re: Guess whhhhaaaaat??

Post by Alecis on Wed Feb 18, 2009 7:38 am

Long story. I'll tell you later. xD

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Re: Guess whhhhaaaaat??

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