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hereeee's luca!

Post by Luca on Fri Feb 06, 2009 3:55 pm


Full Name: Luca Marie Cicci.

Gender: Female.

Birth Date: August 23rd, 1991.

Eye Color: Blue-green.

Hair Color: It's a mix of browns and reds.

Height: 5'4''. She's a shorty. x3

About His/Her Family: Nothing special. They talk, but she moved out after she settled. Her parents are kind of uptight and she's the opposite, so they don't click very well.

Personality: I'm a lazy bum, so I'm just gonna copy an analysis from someone else. Very Happy

-People may not notice you right away, but once they do they're taken rather aback. You don't have the biggest presence in the world; when people notice you it's because you WANT to be noticed, whether it's by the way you dressed that day or because you randomly decided to play a piano solo in the middle of music class. Depending on how you feel, you can dress either drably or flashily.

-You only speak when you feel as though you have something intelligent and interesting to contribute to the conversation; otherwise you're quiet.

-You're something of a mystery to people because although you have no problem revealing a lot about subjects you know, you're rather loath to reveal anything about your personal life. What people know about you is pieced together mostly through hearsay and speculation. Few people get a chance to know you up-close and personal. You keep a lot of secrets

-You have a tendency to sneak up on people in unexpected places. "Whooa! I never knew you liked this coffee shop too!" To which you'll smile and nod politely and continue enjoying your latte. But if your rival shows up in said coffee shop, watch out! They're in for a nasty surprise. Although you prefer hiding away when you get mad, you're not afraid to get in people's faces.

-You're a big city person, loving the way that you can both blend in and stick out in your environment. Again, people are only able to find you if you want them to find you, otherwise you'll disappear. It's futile to try to catch you.

-For all your secrecy, you're not really shy. You'll start conversations with anyone--the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker, and after a "It was nice meeting you" disappear just as suddenly as you appeared.

-You are not afraid of falling. Unlike most cat souls who err on the side of caution, you'll go right in and do it. You'll go skydiving, talk to that cute boy, or climb Mt. Everest. You're self-assurance combined with flexibility allows you to know that whatever the situation may be, you'll be okay. Although you can't be prepared for everything, you usually have a clear sight of where you want to be at the end of the day, and that also allows you to just do it. Look before you leap? Not so! You see that cute guy in the coffee shop? You're passing him a note.

-You have a tendency to be headstrong and to sometimes rush into things, but somehow things always seem to turn out all right for you, even if you rush into them.

-You love challenges. You're the type of person who always needs a new challenge, be it a new piece to learn for a recital or reading War and Peace in one summer. Your confidence allows you to go through the motions without worrying too much of what the outcome might be, just that you have your eyes set high and you'll get there no matter what.

-You like being around people, just not talking TO them. You're perfectly fine sitting in a coffee shop and reading a book or drawing. And if you do hang out with a friend, it's usually in a one-on-one setting. You're not much of a groupie.

-You're observant and extremely sensitive, though you may not show it. People might not be aware of it, but you catch little things that go on that others may not.

-More than anything else in your life, you need balance. Too much of one person? Eeek! You'll skip going to lunch with him/her and opt for another friend. Too much staying in your room? You're going out for a walk. You'll go crazy if confined in one place for a long time. You need a constantly changing environment.

-You don't need to constantly be doing something. It's nice to sit around and watch the action happening. You're laid-back in this sense. But once again, too much sitting around and you'll go insane. "Come on guys, let's do something!" But although your hands might not need to be busy, your mind does.

-You're good at keeping a cool head in any situation and you're always able to see straight. It takes a LOT to get you shaken up to the point where you can't think straight. You might be a bit of a softie on the inside who cries for small abused children, but you're not overemotional to the point where thinking straight becomes a problem.

-Your ferocity will startle people, who might see you as "small, quiet and cute."

-You're very perceptive and are able to see things where others cannot and make accurate predictions about certain outcomes. That isn't to say you're psychic, but you certainly pick up on the cues a lot better than other people might.

-You have a tendency to lead people on, and then just toss them aside if you're disinterested. You like to play little mind games to keep things interesting; if someone just comes to you and asks you out after talking for ten minutes, more likely than not you'll go out with them and never call again because it was boring and too easy.

-Your strategy of getting what you want is just waiting and striking when the time is right. You seemingly have endless amounts of patience, and although you could be exploding inside, you'll only show it to people close to you. No classmate will ever hear you whine about not having a boyfriend! Only your best friend might know about how much you wish you had closeness in your life.

-You matured early, although you might not know/acknowledge the fact. But your experiences speak to a lot of people, so they may turn to you in times of need.

-You're a daydreamer through and through and a romantic at heart. Sometimes you'll get so caught up in your fantasy that it makes it a little hard for you to come back down to reality. It's not that you don't know what reality is, it's just that you don't feel like leaving Dreamland.

-It's hard for people to follow the flow of your logic. Someone will say something, and you'll say something seemingly completely unrelated, and when they ask you'll go, "But it made sense in my head!" Your thoughts have a tendency to be scattered, and you also have a tendency towards absentmindedness.

-You also have a tendency to mood swing. You'll be cross at your friends for forgetting to call you, but get over it within a half-hour.

-You're random, but randomly awesome. You'll decide on a whim to pay for someone else's coffee or bring flowers to a stranger in the hospital. On the downside, you'll randomly be angry and/or snap and overreact at your mom or your friends if they say something offensive.

-You're wishy-washy and indecisive. You'll go one way for awhile, then do a complete 180 and change your opinion. It's hard for people to pin down you and your beliefs in this way.

-Your place is with the artists, the poets, the philosophers. You're definitely more of an artistic type than a logical type. But not artistic to the point where people don't understand you; there is definitely a lot of warmth and empathy where you're concerned. You like to have some thoughts to chew over while you go to sleep. You've never been one for just letting things be the way they are; you're always questioning, seeking, and answering. On the downside you can be a ruminative thinker and have a tendency to obsess.

-You like being classy and certainly don't like associating yourself with people you consider 'below' you intellectually. You'll make fun of them and play with them, but at the end of the day you don't consider them your friends.

-You rely much more on your heart than on your head and will make decisions based on instinct and feeling more than reason and logic.

Any Thing Else About Your Character We Might Need To Know: Pretty much covered it.


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Re: hereeee's luca!

Post by Charlie on Sat Feb 07, 2009 11:21 am



Would it really matter if you were
to count the days left with your hands?

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