[A.G.]Didn't you know Gold is the new Silver? [Arden Gold.]

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[A.G.]Didn't you know Gold is the new Silver? [Arden Gold.]

Post by Arden on Wed Jan 28, 2009 11:07 am


Full Name: Arden Gold
Gender: Male

Birth Date: July 14th, 1991

Eye Color: Blue-green

Hair Color: A light, mousy brown color right below his ears.

Height: About 5’9”

About His/Her Family: Arden was found outside a doorstep in Solas and raised as the family's own. Their little Golden Boy.

Personality: Arden is very strong willed. He knows what he wants and he makes no hesitation in getting it. He can be kind of rude...or very rude if you're gay...

Any Thing Else About Your Character We Might Need To Know: Arden is a strict traditionalist when it comes to homosexuality. And he's also Aven's seperated-at-birth-identical-twin-brother. And he's older.


Full Name: Sol

Settled Or Not: Settled

Gender: Male.

Eye Color: Dark brown.

*For one, you are a social little fellow. You love company.
*Aggressive to the same gender. (Male)
* Get along with everyone. (Female)
* You’re small, but you are surprisingly robust
* You are generally a ‘good’ person, but when someone scares you, you can lash out.
* You’re not especially high maintenance, and this makes you pretty popular
* You’re not picky with your food, and a lot of other things, pointing back to the ‘low maintenance’ point.
* You are a rodent soul, which means you are also very energetic.
* You can have moments of small feebleness, but also moments of
“BACK OFF CUZ I’M BIGGER THAN YOU!” A.K.A… You range in size.
*If you trust someone, you will be much bolder with that person.
* You need people to be gentle with you
* Have a curious nature, and your personality often draws people to you. (Male)
*Agreeable and more popular than the male for some reasons. (Female)
* Somewhat independent, but you need to be guarded to avoid getting hurt.
* Some larger than you will take advantage of you because of your size.
* You are easily intimidated by these people
*You grew up really fast. You may be mature for your age.
*You always seem to be ‘running out of time’. This makes you seem really busy a lot.

(Arden is Solas, and settled as a Fancy Mouse.)


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