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Full Name: Harmond Haswell

Gender: Male

Birth Date: January 13th, 1959

Eye Color: Gray

Hair Color: Graying black

Height: 6'4

About His/Her Family: He has a wife named Easabelle (or something) and probably a son/daughter or two. He raised raised young Rene and tortured him into the crazed psychopath we all know him as.

- Behavior in group settings: He's pretty good at manipulating people into doing what he wants by being very charismatic in group settings.
- Introverted. He pretty much is emotionally dead, even if he pretends otherwise.
- Outgoing so that he can manipulate people.
- Very rational, uses cold logic to solve problems, and doesn't care who or what he destroys to reach his goals.
- Leader.
- Fastidious.
- Passionate about hating other Eilemaiden.
- Works best during the day.
- Other people see him however he wants them to see him.
- Optimistic or pessimistic: Not really either one.
- No real friends, lots of fake ones.
- He acts however he feels is the appropriate way to get what he wants from people.
- Hierarchical.
- Aggressive/Passive aggressive: Usually passive-aggressive, but can be aggressive towards...certain clio.
- Talkative/Quiet: Depends.
- Territorial.
- Stubborn.
- Independent.
- Sadistic and cruel.
Any Thing Else About Your Character We Might Need To Know:[background, ethnicity, etc.] He belongs to a secret society whose goal is to re-segregate the Eilemaiden and return Amelia to the war torn world it once was.


Full Name: Barbit

Settled Or Not: Settled

Gender: Female

Eye Color: Black

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