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Post by Lior on Fri Jan 23, 2009 6:24 am

okay. 814 in the morning on a friday.

bored out of my mind.

thrilled to tears for lili and rowrow. (i was hellbent on getting them together.)

sad for my mom, we're losing my grandma.

should be studying. should be translating german. should be writing. something.

instead, i'm watching mcfly videos on youtube and researching danny jones. (i constantly need/want more sigatures for lior. i'm obsessed with him. he was in my dream last night. weird, right?)

i'm cold. i have a swim meet today. if we win we could be PAC CHAMPS! =DDDDDDDDD go riverside girls swim team!
wish us luck! south is good.

so i'm also in love with this band called mcfly. =D wondering why? well, why not? they're all super cute and british! i want to go to a country in which i'd have the foreign accent and people would go crazy over it like we do in america. do they do that in other countries? or is it only in america?

i think we stress about that too much. we're superficial.

anyways, i've also been through a lot of emotional crap right now. so if i've been slow, or a little less crazy, it can be attested to the fact that i've been upset lately.

also, mcfly doesnt tour in the states. they have a huge fanbase here, and yetttttt, no dates for the states. its probably because they'd get kidnapped, raped and eaten alive by their huge, psycho fanbase. some of those girls/boys are absolutely insane, and relatively bloodthirsty. (yeah, its not just for mcfly. and i can't say i'm completely NOT a fan girl for all time low. you know. aven=alex gaskarth=atl's lead singer.)

i wish they would. i'd have to go to like, frikkin glasgow to see them. OR if i ended up going to germany, I COULD SEE THEM.

i'd PEE, srsly. i'd be so happy.

btdubbs, danny jones=lior, his voice is nothing like you'd imagine it to be. it's rumbling, and husky. it's pretty hot, if you ask me. (it's a big brother voice. but not a 19 year old big brother. a 27 year old big brother, which is cool, except for the fact that d.j is like, 23. he's really wonderful though.

also, i don't think lior looks anything like aven. they don't really look related. maybe lili is the milkman's. in that case, aven and lior are only half related. ...still doesn't make it any less creepy that aven kisses lior.

affraid i just saw this smiley. i would assume it's a lot like the face you'd make if you saw really weird porn on the internet.

sorry guys. i'm really crazy. all this craziness has gotten to me.

oh and i got invited to a youth group last night. so i'm just "idk. i'm not sure i ca go." i want to be like "i'm agnostic." and also, if i go, i wont be betraying anyone, since i'm neutral, but if i go, i'll feel weird, and they'll want me to come back and i wont be able to ever, and i'll just feel bad.

so i'm at my dad's work the other day, and i'm reading the womens' people magazines. to be honest, most of them ar lame. occasionally, they'll be one or two guys closer to my age in the pages. but i like them because there's ALWAYS pictures of celebrity kids. I LOVE LITTLE BABIES WITH FREAKISH NAMES. (except renesmee.) and to look within the pages is the perfect place to find them. =D ah celebrities and their overactive imagination.

i love my life. please don't commit me.

oldest mcfly video ever, danny was like, seventeen, and cute little dougie in orange was fifteen or sixteen. yay boys.